A Sense of Place Publishing offers a streamlined, comfortable, high quality path through the difficulties of seeing your publishing project into print and up for sale.

Whether you’re an individual wanting to record your story, an aspiring author wanting to have a go in a crowded market, or a member of a tourist body wishing to promote the beauties of your region, A Sense of Place Publishing can help.

Your project will be overseen by the founder of A Sense of Place Publishing, Australian journalist of long standing John Stapleton.

Your work becomes available at the world’s leading digital and POD retailers: Amazon, Book Depository, Booktopia, Barnes & Noble, , iBooks, Kobo Books, Baker & Taylor, as well as through the  Ingram Catalogue, available to more than 73,000 bookstores.

The author or authors retain 100% copyright.

Our additional services include ghost writing and editing.


A Contract/Memorandum of Understanding. This document details a clear step by step path to publication. There are no hidden costs.

A personalised approach with professional assistance all along the path.

ISBN numbers for both digital and Print on Demand

A bar code for hard copies.

Worldclass cover design by the renowned Jessica Bell.

Your book is formatted with by our world class interior designer. You could not be in safer hands.

At the end of the editing and formatting processes you receive book files in the three major digital formats, PDF, ePUB and MOBI Kindle files. You are free to sell, distribute or use these as you see fit as long as these activities do not conflict with sales at existing outlets.

You are free to order as many copies as you like.

You also receive Printer’s Proofs so that in the future you can print your book with another printer if you so choose.

The following sizes are available:

Mini-paperback 5 x 7 inches
Paperback novel: 5.25 x 8. Paperback trade: 6 x 9
Covers are available in gloss or matte
Paper creme or white: 50lb
Hardcover 5.5 x 8.5

Colour heavy hardcover books, for instance 8.5 x 11.00 with 70lb creme paper and matte cover with pictures, allow for extra costs.

You receive 10 complimentary paperback copies.

A press kit, including a media release and the compilation of background information, is included in the price.

Initial marketing is conducted through the auspices of Books Go Social.

Once established, A Sense of Place Publishing is happy to help you set up your own account with  Ingram, the world’s largest book distributor.

If you wish to ASOPP to manage your account, we take a 30% royalty fee and charge an annual $20 processing fee. Royalties are paid once they accumulate to $150.

Your statement contains full details of where your work has been sold and how the payments are calculated.

The initial contract is for 12 months, at which point it can be rolled over, adjusted or cancelled.

Additional Services:

Manuscript Assessment:

You can expect a bill of around $US1500 for a 100,000 word manuscript. You get a thorough professional assessment and a 10 page reader’s report.


A good editor can prove absolutely invaluable for any writer. We are happy to provide a quote. Our on-call editors include Stafford Sanders, the author of Bloody Colonials. He has a depth of experience in publishing and professional editing. We also utilise the services of Bevan Powrie, who has decades of experience in newspapers both as a journalist and editor.

Ghost writing:

Many people have remarkable stories to tell but require assistance in seeing them on to the page.
Having your story recorded by an experienced journalist can be a fulfilling process. If you want your story told please contact us for a quote.

Press release distribution:

Your press release can be targeted specifically at news organisations, literary editors, interest groups, magazines, newspapers, regional and local papers, television or radio globally, by country or by region and can be scheduled to be released at a specific time through the services of MediaNet.


For a manuscript that is ready or almost ready for publication:

$AUS: 3700.
$US: 2610.
€EURO: 2400.
$CAN: 3678.
£GBP: 1785.

Every project is different.

For projects that require a good deal of editing, we can provide a full suite of editing services, from manuscript evaluation to a final copy edit.

Click on the image to link to a sample contract:

Please feel free to contact us with any queries.

EMAIL: asenseofplacepublishing@gmail.com
SKYPE: mr.john.stapleton
International calls: +61 411 686 871.
Australian mobile: 0411 686 871.